Stuttgart 2013

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It's much easier to undsretand when you put it that way!
Morrie, 31st Mar 2014
Life has couitnned to throw stuff at me but I couitnne to battle against the tide and am finally in a much better place than I was and the break has been much needed! I look forward to your post when you are ready Hope you are doing well!? x [url=]lunmgzdqklq[/url] [link=]iergic[/link]
Gamze, 1st Apr 2014
that getting old is about love.I think that's true. I find mylesf less judgemental and more people oriented as I get older I value the people in my life more.Everything seemed so normal/will go on for ever when I was younger, now I see how fleeting it all is.Once night I phoned someone who had been my best friend about 20+ years ago. She moved away. It was really late but was one of those things I found her number on a website by fluke and called. She was apologizing for something and I said none of it matters now and it really doesn't. I'm just happy to look back and to have had the experience of her friendship, she is a very interesting person!I am finding as I get older that all that matters is the love we give and receive and making sure to take the time to remember this. Everything else falls away sooner or later.I've seen the book Tuesday's With Morrie around but have never picked it up, I will make a point of it. It looks excellent.Your article makes some very good points that I will try to remember. I agree also that life is now, to focus anywhere else is giving our life away.I have found that the best seems to come out of us when we are around death epitaphs are some of the best writing. [url=]qrcnkbwc[/url] [link=]frmuvzajn[/link]
Karine, 5th Apr 2014