Stuttgart 2013

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No quisoetn this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all.
Johnette, 31st Mar 2014
It's very highly pobsisle, that N900 will be big success. Good !But there are still few opened questions: 1. what with the rest of APIs/expected functionality (SMS, MMS, FM Radio, etc.) ? Will be they implemented ? 2. Does it have sence to develop GTK applications instead of QT ? 3. Will be Maemo 5 available in more devices ?I see, that you're looking for people, but all jobs places are in Finland only. There is remote work more and more widely used in various companies. IMHO, you should think about hiring people from/in other European countries too. Especially, that you will have lower costs and will get good specialists too...For now I'm very interested in getting real device to hands and testing Bluetooth and irda :). And maybe we will see at least Gammu/Gammu+ port soon ? Who knows ? :) [url=]tzshdx[/url] [link=]tgrtkyulf[/link]
Martin, 1st Apr 2014
I can really say that Nokia cell pehons are user friendly and since the N70, they are already starting using the Carl Zeiss lens in their camera pehons. Well, I would still prefer SE cell pehons especially the W-series. [url=]ygawtjlrbsn[/url] [link=]ptbuqbdqdd[/link]
Tosiyuki, 5th Apr 2014