Visit to Souh Korea

Date: 16/11/2003 to 23/11/2003

I went to visit Mr Paul Harris in South Korea for a freezing cold week of eating strange things from menus we couldn't understand. Paul worked out in Korea as a teacher for a while.

Paul in his classroom Paul again No talking when Paul's talking Rules for Paul's classroom Random gateway In Seoul, the old Palace In the middle of Seoul Gateway to the Palace Paul in front of the Palace Futher in A pagoda Inside a building Through the window The ceiling Modern Seoul in the distance Paul Paul further away Lots of ornate roofs The boathouse On the lake The pagoda on top of the museum The museum Island in a lake A heron A slightly newer building Pretty faces Porky children's wear The Paul in the mask Korea at night Blurry night time Bright lights Paul's roof top. Perfect in summer, freezing cold now Up the hill from Paul's flat Carvings at the folk village Paul at the mill Still at the mill Thatched roof Posh house Posh house again Gateway Ceremonial statues at the Temple Friendly looking! The drum tower The Temple In the ghost house. Not sure why this was here! Traditional dancing Lots of pompoms on hats Twirly things Twirly things and dancing The big twirly finale Paul finds a statue in his image Paul at play Seoul train station. Paul's in the middle Where's Paul? Our hotel room in Busan. Tasteful Concrete spill down the side of a building The results at the bottom Laughing at the concrete rain Paul in his normal state Still sleeping And into the evening.... Paul has a new rucksack